Toothpaste Dispenser and Toothbrush Holder Set



600 495

Key Features

  • Simple, Fashion, Health, and Convenient!
  • Touch it, enjoy it!
  • One-touch operation
  • Use conveniently
  • Works for every brand of toothpaste
  • Keeps your bathroom clean and tidy
  • Easy installation
  • No more wasted toothpaste
  • No batteries required
  • Take out the toothpaste lid and insert the suction inlet
  • If not tightly inserted, it will make air flow in, cause less extraction quantity, or not easy to be squeezed us.
  • Colors: Orange, Pink, Green, Black & Blue
  • Random Colors Will Be Sent

Installation Steps:

  • Open Dispenser Lid
  • Insert Toothpaste
  • Into Silicon Seal
  • Screw Up By Positive Clockwise Direction
  • Close Dispenser Lid
  • Right-Hand Press Toothpaste End
  • Left Hand Touch Toothpaste Mouth
  • Stop Press When Feel Toothpaste Come Out
  • Clean Toothpaste Mouth
  • Ready To Use
  • Use Toothbrush Head
  • Press The Switch, toothpaste Comes Out.