TIDY & CLEAN + PUSH & SOAP soap organizer



1,500 1,200

Thanks to the organizer, all dish-washing products such as sponges, cloths, brushes and various sizes of liquid bottles will be in one place, which will ensure a neat appearance of the kitchen area of ​​the sink.Thanks to its compact design, it will not take up too much space, which is especially useful in small kitchens.
Openings and stand make the organizer stand anywhere, not just on the sink – the water flowing from the wet accessories will be collected in a detachable container that can be easily emptied. In addition, there is a small handle in the middle where you can hang the rings before washing.

The set also includes the PUSH & SOAP soap dispenser that fits into the bottle compartment . Placed at the kitchen sink will allow you to wash your hands before starting and also after cooking without having to go out to the bathroom. The large button makes it easier to push the pump – for example, the forearm when the hands are wet – and the specially profiled hole prevents dripping, so the dispenser favors maintaining order.