Stainless Steel Spoon Rest



Designed for use with a variety of kitchen hand tools, this stainless steel spoon rest will help kitchen staff keep your counters, tables, stovetops, and buffet lines free of spills and messes to maintain an impeccable standard of presentation.


Perfect for a variety of utensils that are used for cooking or serving, this versatile item serves as a simple solution for keeping utensils close by without dipping sauces or soups on the surface.

Sleek Style

While the practicality of this spoon rest creates aesthetic appeal for front-of-house use, the spoon rest’s understated brushed design adds a stylish touch suitable for any food establishment.


This spoon rest features a brushed stainless steel construction provides long-lasting durability, in addition to a design that’s both rust- and stain-resistant.

Time Saver

This spoon rest cuts down on the time that would be required for constantly wiping up spills in order to maintain a sanitary and professional work or serving station.

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