Platinum Serene Step Bin 5L,



6,000 4,810

Color: Platinum

A simple pedal bin with a stylish pedal, Silent closing lid, and plastic inner bucket. Equipped with fingerprint-proof coating.

The 5L Serene Step Bin from EKO is ideal for a classy home. The soft, elegant stainless exterior shines without glare. The bin’s round design is a nod to classic lines, while its sleek, tailored look provides an update to the traditional round can. The easy to use step bin allows you to lift the bin’s lid with the press of your foot, so your hands are free for more pertinent business. The 5L Serene Bin features the same coveted, hands-free operation as other bins in the line, using a step pedal to raise the lid. An automatic soft-close gently lowers it again, so your daily waste bin experience can truly be hands-free. The automatic soft-close also ensures that the bin’s lid doesn’t get left open, keeping your tossed items secure and out of sight, a valuable asset to hosts, parents, and pet-lovers. Measures 20.5 diameter x 29 cm height.

Serene Step Bin

*Classical pedal bin, elegant outlook, suitable for everywhere.

*The damper system creates a noise-free environment for better living.

*High-quality brushed stainless steel with fingerprint-resistant processing keep the bins clean.