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 Burger Maker with High-Quality is great for use at barbecues; uniformly shaped burgers will take the same amount of time to cook, and the ability to create your own flavours means you can cater to everyone’s tastes. Making your own burgers means you always know exactly what kind of ingredients have gone into them, so you can ensure you’re feeding your family the right things. You can create your own delicious flavours by adding your favourite herbs and spices. Why not try beef and chilli, lamb and mint, or go veggie with mushroom and lentil burgers! It’s a great way for the whole family to get hands-on with cooking – you will find that a burger you have made yourself from start to finish tastes so much better!


Main body: diameter 11cm, height 7.8cm

Chassis: diameter 12cm, height 1.8cm, weight 250g

Material: Aluminum + Wood Handle

Working Temperature: -20?~120?


Sturdy and versatile

Safe and sanitary

Make burgers of uniform size and shape

Avoid mess and fuss during making patties

Dishwasher safe


Please wash the press before using.

Children should use it under the guidance of adults.