Apple Shape Seasoning Pots set of 3



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These Seasoning Pots are a set of rather colorful pots. They can be used mainly to store spices, sugar, rice, grains & whatever you want to keep in it. It has three (03) cute color pots with handles that are specially designed to give comfortable yet a firm grip. The food-grade material does not contain any BPA and thus is safe for use around the house. It is a fashion modeling of an apple & has a small spoon enclosed inside it. It is convenient & easy to clean. It has a non-slippery base & it has separate storage compartment. It will protect your food items from flies & dust. It is a perfect gift for your mothers, your married sister or cousins, or practically anyone who likes to cook and spends a lot of the time in the kitchen. You can also gift it to your friends & neighbors for their house warming. These pots are very portable & this deal is very economical.

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