A&D UA-1020 Premier Blood Pressure Monitor





The UA-1020 Premier Blood Pressure Monitor improves upon all of the innovations A&D Medical has created over its 30+ year history. This fully featured monitor is equipped with innovations in cuff design, inflation and deflation (3A Technology). To speed up readings users can preset pressure levels or set them to automatic. The UA-1020 offers the option of TriCheck measurement which allows users to take three consecutive readings and receive an average, complying with the American Heart Association’s latest recommendation.

Product Features:

– TriCheck Measurement Feature

– 90 Memory Recall

– Clock, Time & Date Stamp

– Pressure Rating Indicator

– Irregular Heartbeat Detection

– Adjustable Pressure Setting

– Advanced Warning System

– Carrying Case Included

– SlimFit Cuffs in Small, Medium or Large